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Elisabeth Moss: I'd Be a "Fucking Idiot" To Turn Down 'The ...

On November 9, while you were nursing your Election Day hangover, Elisabeth Moss was up at 6:00 a.m. to shoot an episode of The Handmaid's Tale, Hulu's dystopian—and eerily prescient—fable of patriarchy run rampant, and one of the most anticipated TV events of the year.

Hd aspect 1469485024 gethard lead article

Chris Gethard Is About to Get Shoved Into the Locker of Success

What happens when comedy's biggest loser finally starts winning?​

Gallery 1474470814 transparent 3 article

Jeffrey Tambor Says He's Still Finding Maura One Episode at a Time

The Emmy winner talks about the latest season of Transparent and Arrested Development's uncertain future.

14 christine 2.w529.h352 article

Rebecca Hall Is Telling the Saddest Story in TV History That Everyone Forgot

She talks about giving the performance of her career in Christine, based on the true story of the troubled Christine Chubbuck.

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The Twin Peaks Sound Has Influenced Everyone From Kanye West to Beach House

As soon as Angelo Badalamenti's sustained synthesizer exhaled over the image of a pensive red bird in the opening credits of Twin Peaks, the way television moved, sounded, and felt had been suddenly altered. And 25 years later, that lo-fi warbling still hangs over modern music like a cocktail hour in the Red Room.

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Why the 'King of Underrated Movies’ Returned to Hollywood

Greg Mottola got his start in the '90s indie boom and played his hand at Hollywood. After a stint in TV, he's now working on the big screen with A-list names.

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10 Biggest Oscar Snubs of All Time - Best Movies that Didn't Win ...

Here's a list of ten of the best films ever made. They will resonate as long as humanity is interested in stories about itself. Because of a terminal tendency to play it safe and give in to groupthink, and because the world is fundamentally unfair, none of them won the Oscar for Best Picture.

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How Mike Mills Approached Feminist Issues Cautiously With '20th ...

Mike Mills has built a career and an aesthetic out of finding moments of quiet vulnerability, usually the type of things people would be too embarrassed to even acknowledge, and presenting them as totemic evidence of the world's beauty. With his latest film 20th Century Women, he's outdone himself.

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10 Best Oscar Best Picture Award Winning Movies of All Time

The Academy Awards are known for honoring some less-than-stellar films, but here are ten Best Picture winners that deserved the award.

Landscape 1481568147 youre the worst article

The 2016 Canon: You're the Worst Wasn't Supposed to Get Serious. But It Did, and We're Better for It.

The episode "Twenty-Two" dropped the jokes and focused on the trauma of PTSD.

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10 Worst, Most Overrated Oscar Best Picture Winners of All Time

But when a pretty good film beats a truly great film, or if a very popular film that's decent enough wins because of a lack of competition and the Academy's tendency to kowtow to commerce, it invalidates the entire enterprise.

960 article

Why the Daniel Radcliffe Didn't Want Anyone Else to Play a Farting Corpse

A few weeks ago on a hot Monday afternoon, a handful of journalists boarded a double-decker New York tour bus for a cruise around the city, only to be confronted with the unexpected inclusion of a life-sized and unnervingly accurate replica of Daniel Radcliffe's deteriorating corpse.

Gallery 1487963385 manchester by the sea 1 full article

Why Each Oscar 2017 Best Picture Nominee Should Win

Widely considered 2017's bummer masterpiece, one important aspect that should put this movie over the top, keeps getting overlooked. As Michael Tedder points out, it's also pretty funny.

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How 'T2 Trainspotting' Stacks Up Against Other Long-Awaited Sequels

Sequels are often superfluous, but such is the world we live in. But sequels that arrive a decade or more after their predecessor are an especially dicey proposition.

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How Paul Thomas Anderson Selectively Defined Two Decades of Music Videos

Unlike his peers Spike Jonze, Sofia Coppola, or David Fincher, Paul Thomas Anderson never spent a formative period in the music video coal mines, crafting eye-popping images for '90s buzz bands and pop ingenues, as his public woodshedding was limited to his little seen but promising debut film Hard Eight.