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5 Punk Rockers Explain Why the Alt-Right’s ‘Punk Movement’ is Garbage

First, the alt-right stole Pepe the frog from cartoonist Matt Furie. Then, they stole enjoying milk from the calcium-deficient. Now, they’re trying to steal punk.

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Aughts Rock is Back—So What Has it Learned? | Playboy

A few years in to the new millennium, many of us were getting fed up with ossified corporate radio playlists and the hostile stupidity of the Bush years, so we took to the internet to find music that felt smart, empathic and honest.

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Chris Geere Talks Hard Knocks, Modesty Socks and Season 3 of ‘You’re the Worst’

You’re the Worst star Chris Geere had known his costar Aya Cash for approximately 48 hours before they filmed their first sex scene.

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Who Will Replace Beyoncé at Coachella?

Beyoncé might be the closest thing we have to real life superhero, but it turns out she’s only human.

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‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ and the Song That’s Making Radiohead Fans Lose Their Minds

A Moon Shaped Pool, the Radiohead album that appeared yesterday after a brief and cryptic lead-up, is one of the most intricately stitched together albums they’ve ever made. Which is saying something. There’s a lot to unpack here.

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Danish Band Marching Church is Dark, Unclassifiable and Cool as Hell | Playboy

Five years ago, Elias Bender Rønnenfelt first introduced himself to the world as the lead singer of confrontational Danish band Iceage.

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‘Halt and Catch Fire’ is a Brainy Meta-Western and One of the Best Shows on TV

Though Halt and Catch Fire revolves around a bunch of scrawny computer developers and executives who wouldn’t last five seconds on a kicking buck, in its own strange way the network’s secret jewel also serves as a modern Western, telling the story of some rebels working on the information superhighway and trying, and often failing, to tamp down the chaos of the early web.

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Judd Apatow’s ‘Love’ Is the Best Horror Show On TV

The romantic comedy was once one of cinema’s dominant beasts. With clockwork regularity and focus-group pleasing titles, these films presented the latest iteration of some Bland Immature Guy (usually Harry Connick, Jr. or someone who might as well be Harry Connick, Jr.) who needs to Get It Together so he can be saved by a Modern Woman (usually Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan or Katherine Heigl).

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Simon Rich on the 5 Most WTF Moments of ‘Man Seeking Woman’

For a show that tends to have at least one monster a week, Man Seeking Woman is the most honest comedy about modern love on television—in part because it’s willing to go to surreal extremes to get at the truth.

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Parquet Courts Lay Themselves Bare On Their New Album, ‘Human Performance’

The last time Austin Brown was at New York’s Ace Hotel, he was getting fired from his job as a bellboy “for being criminally late,” he explains over bites of bone marrow in the hotel’s restaurant.

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‘Freetown Sound’ by Blood Orange is the Hazy, Urgent Album We Need Right Now

Earlier this week Devonté Hynes, the shapeshifting artist behind the spacey R&B project Blood Orange, released the heavily anticipated new album Freetown Sound several days ahead of schedule, the latest surprise move in a career built on them

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Despite Rain, Cancellations and Kanyegeddon, Governors Ball 2016 Was Epic

New York has always had a problem with music festivals. Where else would rumors of a thunderstorm lead to 4,000 jilted fans flooding the streets until 2 a.m., baying for a makeup Kanye set?

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It’s Time To Start Pretending You Liked Into It. Over It. Before Everyone Else Did

While Evan Weiss was working on Standards, the recently released album from his project Into It. Over It., he underwent one of the most difficult hardships a lifelong lover of ‘80s punk, Guided by Voices and Jade Tree Records can go through. He turned 30.

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No Seriously, You Need to Start Watching ‘The Americans’

On more than one occasion, Philip Jennings has given serious consideration to murdering a priest in cold blood. He’s already slain countless other innocent people, many of whom just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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Here’s Kendrick Lamar’s Unexpected, LeBron-Assisted New Release

Most musicians use late-night television performances as a chance to plug their latest single, but Kendrick Lamar does things different. During stops at The Colbert Report, Late Night With Stephen Colbert, the Grammys and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, King Kendrick took the opportunity to perform material that hadn’t previously seen the light of day.