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INTERVIEW: Kathleen Hanna On...Bikini Kill Backlashes, Late-Stage ...

In 2004, I started to realize something was deeply wrong. I got sick a lot on the Le Tigre tour. I struggled through 2005, and then I held out hope that maybe I’d just been too stressed out. Maybe I was just getting older. I made a lot of excuses—“Oh, I picked this up from this person.” But I think it actually was when I went on a vacation to Hawaii and I got sick. I was like, “Who gets sick in Hawaii?”

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EL-P Reclaims The Throne

Growing up, Jamie Meline rarely attended school. And when he did, he had an attitude.

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INTERVIEW: Refused's Dennis Lyxzén On Stepping Out of the ...

INTERVIEW: Refused's Dennis Lyxzén On Stepping Out ...

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THE SELF-TITLED INTERVIEW: Destroyer | self-titled

Perhaps the only thing more shocking than the quality of Dan Bejar’s melodically nimble songwriting is how many of his songs there are to be shocked by. Not only does his main project, Destroyer, dependably release an album every two years, but he also keeps himself busy with side projects including Swan Lake (which features members of Frog Eyes and Wolf Parade) and Hello, Blue Roses (a collaboration with his girlfriend, Sydney Vermont). And then there’s that New Pornographers band.