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Holding Out For That Teenage Feeling

In the lobby of Philadelphia’s Hilton Garden Inn, Charlie Lowe, Beach Slang’s tour manager, leans over and adjusts frontman James Alex’s bowtie.

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Streets Of Philadelphia: How The Former “Sixth Borough” Became Rock’s First City

There's a small plastic turtle on the dashboard of Cayetana's old blue van. Her name is Tracy. She wears red glasses and does a little side-to-side dance. The van's name is "Fast Car," after the Tracy Chapman hit that the band cranks every time they head out to the next...

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Nickelback Won The '90s Culture War

I got married a few years ago. As part of my bachelor party, my kind and thoughtful friends paraded me around the Williamsburg, Brooklyn area — where at the time I lived, and which since 2000 has had the reputation of being the epicenter of the American hipster — while wearing the following lovingly assembled uniform that my friends had gone to great length to purchase from eBay: camouflage parachute pants with tiny America flags emblazoned upon them; a baseball cap sporting the Black Eyed Peas logo; and, the piece de resistance, a 2009 Nickelback tour T-shirt.

Nina corcoran the hotelier 10 1500x1000 article

On The Radical Compassion Of The Hotelier

Christian Holden will go to epic, often unreasonable lengths to get a good album cover. But they draw the line at getting arrested.

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Boys For Pele Turns 20

This past Monday, I lightly moderated a conversation between two young, outspoken female musicians that I admire greatly — one a friend of a few years, one I've been a fan of for nearly as long. Both of these women have been on the receiving end of the sort of...


Q&A: Japandroids Remain On Brand With Near To The Wild Heart Of Life

As soon as Japandroids’ Brian King gets to the studio, he starts playing with the cat, and in-between getting his photo taken, he’ll repeatedly walk over to Cooley, lounging in a director’s chair and stroke his fur. King is wearing black pants and a black T-shirt, and shortly after he arrives and pets Cooley, he changes into even tighter black jeans and a black sleeveless T-shirt. Aesthetics are very important to him and his band, as anyone who’s glanced at his album covers can attest.


Q&A: The Afghan Whigs’ Greg Dulli Talks 20 Years Of Black Love

Following up one of the most acclaimed albums of the decade would be tough for any band. But as in all other matters, Greg Dulli and the Afghan Whigs did it with style.

Illinois article

Illinois Turns 10

Like almost everything else about it, the release date of Sufjan Stevens' Illinois is almost too perfect. It's one thing to write an album about what it means to want to believe in your country during a time when many people struggled to believe in anything. It was something else...

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As Good As Dead Turns 20 - Stereogum

There’s very little this divided nation can agree on anymore. The falcon and the falconer haven’t been on speaking terms in quite some time.

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Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop Turns 20

For the most part, I didn’t handle breaking news at my old job, so it fell upon one of the younger staff members, a very smart and funny man fresh out of college, to tackle the terrible news of Scott Weiland’s untimely passing last December.

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Sleater-Kinney’s 10 Best Cover Songs

Last year Sleater-Kinney put a period on their world-shaking, band-revitalizing 2015 with a nearly weeklong victory lap across some of New York's finest venues. (They also played Terminal 5.) During the run, the iconic punk band, with help from one of their famous friends, revived their take on the B-52's...