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‘The Assignment’ Director, Writer Defend Sex Reassignment Storyline: ‘Character Is Not Transgender’

At last night’s New York City premiere of Walter Hill‘s film “The Assignment,” star Michelle Rodriguez was very upfront about why she took on the challenging role of a male hitman that undergoes a forced sex change operation at the hands of a vengeful plastic surgeon (Sigourney Weaver).

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‘A Monster Calls’ Director on His ‘Love Letter to Fantasy’ | Variety

Sigourney Weaver told Variety that while she appreciated that directors such as Joss Whedon (“Alien: Resurrection”), Greg Mottola (“Paul”), and “Monster”-helmer J. A. Bayona sought her out because of her “Aliens” and “Ghostbusters” pedigree, she never set out to be a genre queen.

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Norman Lear: ‘I Don’t Have a Single Regret’ in Life

Norman Lear is arguably one of the most important crusaders for free speech. He created boundary-pushing sitcoms like “All in the Family,” “The Jeffersons” and “Maude,” which tackled hot-button issues like racism, sex and abortion during an era when television largely avoided controversy, and he also founded the progressive advocacy group People for the American Way.

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‘The Americans’ Star Matthew Rhys Sticks Up For His Character at Season 4 Premiere

FX premiered the fourth season of its award-winning drama “The Americans” Saturday night at New York University’s Skirball Theater, with an after-party held at the Italian restaurant Cipriani.

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John Waters, Greta Gerwig, Jim Jarmusch Turn Out for Metrograph Theater Opening

Last month the beloved single-screen institution the Ziegfeld Theater closed, yet another marker of how difficult it is to keep a small theater open in New York amidst competition from corporate chains such as AMC. But filmmaker Alexander Olch isn’t easily discouraged.

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Mick Jagger, Martin Scorsese Revive the 1970s New York Music Biz in HBO's 'Vinyl'

At last night's New York premiere for "Vinyl" -- HBO's upcoming series about the 1970s New York music industry -- P.J. Byrne, who plays the wildly-groomed music lawyer Scott Leavitt, told Variety t......

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Jacob Bernstein Talks About Nora Ephron Documentary 'Everything ...

A few months after essayist and screenwriter Nora Ephron died of leukemia in 2012, her son, New York Times writer Jacob Bernstein, was doing a profile on documentary filmmaker Lisa Immordino Vreeland.

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Chris Evans: 'Captain America' Fight Scenes Are 'Wildly Authentic ...

The Cinema Society and Gucci Guilty hosted a screening of Marvel Studios’ “Captain America: The Winter Solider,” at New York’s Tribeca Grand Hotel Monday. Though there are lots of nifty gadgets and large-scale battle scenes, the film hinges around one-on-one, hand-to-hand combat more than any other Marvel movie.

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Anne Hathaway's In-Laws Are Happy She Made Nancy Meyers' 'The Intern'

Anne Hathaway was once known for light comedies such as "The Devil Wears Prada" and "The Princess Diaries," but since establishing herself as a serious actress with "Rachel Getting Married," she ha......

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Bill Murray Joins the Band at 'Rock the Kasbah' Party

Wherever Bill Murray goes, there he is. Murray isn't just one of the most acclaimed actors alive; he's also a notorious free-spirit, one seemingly allergic to ever being bored. So when Murray decid......

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Charlie Hebdo Receives Standing Ovation at PEN Gala Amid Boycott

During his opening speech at Tuesday’s PEN Literary Gala, Andrew Solomon said that before he took the job as president of PEN, he told the organization that he had young children and multiple books due.

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Richard Linklater, Ellar Coltrane Talk 'Boyhood' at BAMcinemafest ...

Richard Linklater’s new film “Boyhood,” which opened the BAMcinemafest Wednesday at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Theater, follows the life of Mason Evans Jr., from age six through 18. The film hinges on the understated, empathic performance from its star, Ellar Coltrane, whom Linklater met through an extensive casting process.

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Jason Segel, James Ponsoldt open 'The End of the Tour ...

There was no small amount of shock and surprise when it was announced in 2013 that Jason Segel would portray the late author David Foster Wallace in “The End of the Tour,” an adaptation of David Lipsky’s “Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip With David Foster Wallace.”

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Bradley Cooper on ‘American Sniper’: Training Was Basically A Science Experiment

Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper,” based on the life of decorated Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, premiered in New York Monday at the Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall.

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Olivia Wilde on Fighting to Fund Her Crime Drama 'Meadowland'

Reed Morano has been one of the most in-demand cinematographers working in independent film over the past few years, having lent her observant, nuanced talents to Sundance favorites including "Kill......